"Badgers in Disguise" 25mm Badges (set of 5)

Badgers are great, but they are under threat. Thank goodness they are also masters of disguise! These button badges show off just a few of the lengths they'll go to to blend in with the crowd in a selection of bright colours. There is even an undisguised badger to give a clue as to the subtle tells to look out for in the rest of them. Pin them on everything for a wildlife-based costume fun look.

Set includes:
- "Badger Au Naturelle"
- "Shades are too cool for Badgers so I Can't Be A Badger"
- "Definitely Elvis and Not a Badger At All"
- "But I am Groucho and Most Certainly Not A Badger"
- "I Am On My Way To Work, Sir, And Am Assuredly Not A Badger In the Slightest"
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I loved drawing these up and I definitely have plans for more - Jeni xx